Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get your new job now! Ride the wave of increased job demand!

The news is full of doom and gloom and, as a result of many items of news, including the issue of the protestors outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, we can easily be feeling jaded about the state of the world. Naturally, just like everyone else, we have sympathy for all people who are suffering and struggling in the world at this time and, because of the work we do, we are particularly identified with the issues that people face when they are trying to get a new job – either from a job that they are no longer happy in or from the position of being unemployed. As a result of this we were very happy to read that job opportunities have risen dramatically in the past month here in the UK according to the Reed Job Index for October. This is a 7% rise on September’s figures and that had increased from the month before.

This optimism is clearly good news for all those who are looking for a new job which is wonderful and so it’s time to renew your commitment to getting that new job that you want by reworking your CV, regularly and frequently applying to job adverts, contacting all the recruiters that you have ever met and preparing thoroughly for interview.

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