Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stuck for words?

Interviews can be such a stressful event but as we know they are the only way to get a new job! If you are lucky you'll get a good interviewer who can guide you through the questions and give you opportunities to sell your skills and experience. Obviously you need to be well prepared for your interview and the best way to to do this is to look at our interview guide!

We recommend that everyone who is interviewing through YouYou has read the guide so that they feel confident about talking about their career. From my experience as a recruiter what we want to hear is someone who is able to speak about their work experience clearly and concisely and who has the ability to throw a bit of their own personality in there as well. When you are nervous this can be a tall order but you don't need to be nervous about the interview as the interview process is a two way are interviewing the company as well. So make sure that you take the opportunity to ask them some questions about the role and the company to ensure that it fits in with your idea of the perfect place to work.

If you want to delve deeper into the world of interviewing then I would recommend that you read this incredible book written by a very well respected recruiter called Dee Walker who I had the pleasure to meet a few times. Click here to look at the book.

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Two-thirds of companies are finding it harder to recruit

A new survey completed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have found that two- thirds of UK companies are experiencing recruitment difficulties.

Half of the organisations (53%) taking part in this survey say the recession has hit their resourcing budget for 2010. The survey also shows attracting and recruiting key staff is the top resourcing objective for eight in 10 (79%) of nearly 500 organisations surveyed, while the proportion of firms planning to implement a recruitment freeze in 2010 has almost halved since last year (22% compared to 42% in 2009).

What does this really mean? Companies will be recruiting new staff during 2010 however they are not able to spend as much as they used to. This is fantastic news for jobseekers as it means that there will be jobs available. However for companies it will become much more challenging to find a new member of staff as their recruitment budgets will be significantly reduced and they will have to spend additional time trying to find alternative ways to recruit.

This is why using YouYou to recruit can help in so many ways. It reduces the amount of time spent finding suitable people for the job and we only charge a fraction of the cost of an agency. This means that companies can still have support finding new staff without having to try and justify large recruitment costs.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Oli's work

Oli has worked so hard to create a brand identity for YouYou and we think he has done a smashing job! He keeps on creating great new work for us to use to promote YouYou and this is just another example of it. You can take a look at his blog if you click here.

Please forward this blog to anyone who is looking for a new secretarial, PA or secretarial job. We are constantly looking for new people to join the site and if you have any questions about YouYou then email us at

Create the perfect CV

We all know that everyone has their own opinion about what makes a great CV and ultimately you can't produce a CV that everyone will like. What you can do is make a really clear and consice CV that shows all your experience, strengths and achievements throughout your career. We created our YouYou profiles in this way, to showcase your skills and achievements and our CV writing guide can help you do this too. The guide is aimed at secretarial staff so all you PAs, EAs and Secretaries out there have a look and see if you can make your CV just that bit more attractive to potential employers.

You can find the guide by clicking on this link You can also contact us if you have any questions or queries about your CV, we are always happy to help. Our email address is

Good Luck!