Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How do you feel?

I've been reading a great deal about how people feel about their jobs recently and there is absolutely tons of research done in this country on the workforce...

I recently read that almost half the people in employment are remaining in jobs that they are unsatisfied with because they feel that they have no other option and that only 53% of people feel valued in their job.

This tied in with some news a couple of weeks ago about how PAs feel about their bosses.

Research done in the secretarial/administrative sector revealed that almost 20% of PAs who were asked wanted more respect from their bosses - it doesn't cost anything for anyone to be more appreciative and polite!!

We agree!
How do you feel?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Recruitment moving away from human beings!

On Friday the recruiter news bulletin published the above statement made by Peter Searle, the CEO of Addeco UK and Ireland, which means that here at YouYou we are the forerunners in what is now the trend in recruitment!

Our website,, provides what traditional recruiters are against. It removes from the recruitment process the ‘human element’, which means that instead of using what traditional recruiters use which is gut feeling and relationships, we here at, have moved the recruitment process towards a more impartial, entirely non-judgmental method by which candidates are considered.

Skills and experience are the most important selection factor on our site and the recruiter, the intermediary with their personal opinions and prejudice is therefore no more! This is, in fact, more in line with employment law which is supposed to have done away with the bias in terms of background and appearance that traditional recruitment engenders leaving the company themselves to decide who is appropriate to their vacancy.

Dr. Barbara Lond responded to the statement made by Peter Searle with this statement,

‘Research among Senior women bankers (directors) actually found that some thought recruiters actually add to the lack of diversity within the banking profession: "You just see the same old CVs from the same people circulating" was one comment in my research. Bias and stereotyping is rife, and unless aware, very difficult to control. Indeed, it is why professions are staffed with one kind of person. This then becomes the 'fit' both organisations and recruiters look for, or 'cloning'. Feedback is never given, and that is because clear criteria is not used, but rather, some subjective or 'gut feeling'.

Indeed it is the same within any sector, including the secretarial one. Here at clear criteria is what we too are interested in!

Here is another response to Peter Searle's statement,
‘Comments like this demonstrate a fundamental lack of knowledge about what the new recruitment methods are. The latest trends simply utlise technology to deliver a faster, more accurate delivery method for the actual relationships between the recruiter and the candidate to take place.’ Darren Revell, Recruitwise Technology Ltd.

You can’t argue with that!

‘Expecting candidates and clients to wait while the recruitment industry catches up with technology is like asking a man to sweep back the morning tide with a broom.’ Darren Revell, Recruitwise Technology Ltd.