Sunday, 24 October 2010

Our Salaries!

Numbers have never been my favourite thing... anything to do with them, unless it's a little gentle adding and subtracting, has been mostly a mystery to me, at least until it affects financing my life. The recession has affected many of us adversely and I was horrified to hear about the enormous cuts in government spending this week and that the new our travel fares here in London will be rising yet again. These things make our income ever yet more important to each and every one of us.
It is commonly known that status and pay drive all of us human beings and a recent survey revealed that for many of us our sense of self-worth is directly linked to what we earn. This was of great interest to us - being in the recruitment industry we here at know that the salary you get in your new role is everything to you and yet there is still a taboo surrounding discussing our salaries with one another. Here are some of the interesting things that this survey revealed...
The big eye opener was that £52,000 was the amount that most people think would make them feel comfortably well off with 30% of people admitting that the incentive of an annual bonus would make them work harder.
63% of people thought that their salaries did not reflect how hard they worked and 40% say that their career ambitions are fuelled by how much money they could make although 59% of people surveyed have never ever asked for a pay rise.
The statistic that I find most strange was that only 39% of people rejected a job offer because of an unsatisfactory salary package... I would have thought that this figure would be much higher although, having thought about it, because we all want £52,000 perhaps anything under that is 'unsatisfactory'!