Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mobile Recruitment!

From the moment went online it was smart phone enabled. It was our desire to create a service for jobseekers that befit the current culture and so their being able to use it whist on the go was never in question. We send both email and text alerts to jobseeekers when their profile has come up in a search on the site because on that is the point at which they are at what would traditionally be deemed the ‘shortlist’. Naturally once we have let them know that their profile is with a recruiting company we wanted them to then be able to log in to their account and read the company’s communications and so there was no question that the website should be accessible to them at all times from all mobile devices.

There have been several articles this week about how slow recruiters, including job boards, have been to adopt mobile recruitment and how not only are they are losing out but so are the jobseekers who are signed up to their sites. This general lack of awareness of the current culture and the needs of their jobseekers - their ‘clients’ in fact - was a surprise to us because we considered that it was now de rigeur to provide this service because of the ever growing number of people who manage their lives from their mobile phones and this includes their jobsearch.

Many job boards send out alerts to jobseekers with details of new jobs that they would be interested in but in order for them to take advantage of this service they need to be able to log in whilst on the go. The reality is that very few of them can do this because most of the relevant websites are not mobile enabled. This causes not only a degree of frustration but also the loss of opportunity – competition for jobs is fierce and if recruiters find the number of CVs that they need in the first ten applications they simply won’t view the rest of the applications and so applying as soon as possible has become essential.

Absolutely all recruitment businesses have a duty to those signed up to their site to make it easy for jobseekers to visit and log in to their site from mobile devices – 19% of jobseekers are already using their mobile devices for career related purposes and this number is inevitably growing and will continue to do so.

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