Thursday, 27 May 2010

What can you wear to work?

With the Sex in the City 2 Premier in London tonight we are all wondering what the fabulous four will be wearing. Their ability to wear whatever they want for work is enviable but it's not always the case for us mere mortals.
In the last few years companies seem to have started to relax their dress codes and more and more of us are able to wear clothes that reflect our personalities.
We all know that secretaries and PAs are often representing their boss in front of clients so really need to look professional and that to some extent we are all representing the company that we work for but what we want to know formal do you have to dress for work?

Take our short poll and we'll let you know the results in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

If only there was a map to guide you....

Because we are always looking for new PAs, secretaries and admin staff to join the site we are always creating new promo material to send out. This is one of our latest ones which is a favourite of mine. Don't forget to check out Oli's other work on the actual website and we will put up more examples of our promo work soon.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Launch of YouYou

Ok, so YouYou launched at the end of March and I am only just writing this but in my defence I have been a bit pre-occupied with the launch. So I have decided to blog, I am not an amazing writer, my sister is much better at it than me but I am going to give it a whirl and if I fail then I shall pass this over to her to write! In the meantime you are stuck with me.

My sister Hilly and I have run Aurelius International which is a traditional recruitment agency in central London for ages and when the recession hit and recruitment was really badly affected we decided to think of other ways to help companies recruit. Realising that the whole industry was changing and being worried that we weren't going to be able to survive the recession (we did by the way!) we started to think of other options and that is how YouYou was born.

We started to do some research and look at what other companies provided in terms of online recruitment and we couldn't find anyone doing the same thing as our idea. Once we realised we were going to be the first company to provide this kind of recruitment we decided to move pretty fast! We didn't want someone else to launch the same type of site before us.

We got in touch with our web designer Gary who works in Bath to see if this site was something that could be built and try to work out the logistics of it all. You can see Gary's site if you want to
by clicking

We really worked hard to provide you with a new way to recruit staff and to find a new job and we hope that it has a positive impact for you or your business. Take a look at the site